Tree Planting Programme


An extensive plan

With an acute awareness of the changing global climate, Chedington Estate pledges to use specialised knowledge and technology to track and offset any carbon expenditure from its businesses. This will be primarily achieved via an extensive tree planting programme, here in Dorset. The ambitious project has been woven into some of the lifestyle opportunities available to guests of the estate, bringing it even more to the fore of people’s awareness.

Guests on Superior Motorcycle Experiences’ tours in Dorset will have the opportunity to visit some of the planting sites as part of their adventures and get hands on with the planting of new saplings.

xx trees have been planted already and the aim is to utilise the XX acres of land dedicated to this cause over the years to ensure a thriving ecosystem for generations to come.

One tree absorbs approximately one tonne of carbon over its lifetime, making it a highly effective way of using natural assets to offset carbon and benefit the land. Trees also provide a wonderfully rich habitat for all sorts of wildlife, improving biodiversity in the local area.

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Prof Geoffrey Guy, Chedington.


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